Saturday, February 8, 2014

New Shoe Review: Brooks Transcend

Over the past year, I've become more selective in my running shoes. Plantar Fasciitis (PF) entered my world early in the fall and completely ruined my mojo. It's been a long emotional road getting back to my miles. I blame the onset of PF on my playing around with minimalist shoes last summer. I logged miles and miles without proper support and have paid the price. Lesson learned.

So now when a new pair of shoes arrive on my doorstep, I wear them around the house for a good hour, sport them on a trip to the grocery store or the kids' school. By then, it's usually quite clear whether I can run pain-free in them... or not. This week, I was tickled PINK when the new Brooks Transcend passed that initial test.

I could say that they were so comfortable that I forgot they were on my feet... but let's be real. I had flashy new pink running shoes. The only thing on my mind was going for a run!

First and foremost (for any lady runner that I know), these are killer looking shoes. The "diva pink" and "festival fuchsia" combination are super bright - especially against the white snow. Add in the reflective accents and it's pretty difficult to miss me coming in the Transcends.  There is also a sky blue color option for women. For men, electric blue or coral orange are the choices.

The Transcend is classified as a stability shoe (replacing the Trance). Because of its revolutionary build, it may work for neutral runners as well. Unlike other stability shoes, there is no posting on the medial side. Instead, Brooks introduces guide rails for support and assistance in counteracting pronation. Rather than forcing control of the foot, it encourages the natural kinetics of the body, allowing your hips, knees and joints to move within their natural motion.

When I first slipped my foot into the Transcend, the most noticeable feature was the ultra-plush cushioning. In this new shoe build, Brooks introduces what they call Super DNA, offering 25% more cushioning than the normal BioMoGo DNA. This new cushioning adapts to your every stride. I like to think of it like the memory foam in my bed, cradling to the shape of my foot. As someone who suffers from PF, I'm always nervous on the fit of the arch. The Transcend offers a well-built arch support. As I tested out the shoe, my foot was extremely comfortable and I didn't experience any discomfort in the plantar area - during or after my run. The final test to that (if you suffer from PF) is how the arch feels the next morning. A-OK with these shoes!

When shoes boast extra-cushion, it typically means a heavier shoe. Not the case with the Transcend, which weighed in at 10.8oz on my ladies size 9's. By comparison, my normal shoes (Asics GT2000) are still lighter at 9.9oz, but I really didn't notice the difference until I weighed them on my scale. I did however, notice the difference in cushioning comfort. I'll be anxious to see how well (and long) the cushion holds up as I accrue miles in the Transcend. I like to get my money's worth out of running shoes, thus I try to push them over 300 miles. Some make it; others don't.

Typically when I test out a new pair of shoes, I go no more than 3 miles. My initial run in the Transcend was 6 miles... and I was not begging for a foot massage that evening either. That should speak margins on how I feel about the new Brooks release. Newly released this week, I highly suggest giving these babies a trial run... especially if you waiver on that line between stability and neutral like I do.

I won't copy/paste all the shoe specs, but if you're interested in all the details, check it out here.

Many happy runs...
and pain-free feet!

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The opinions expressed however are all Jess. 

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  1. Wow! Those are pricey! I think Brooks is the only brand I haven't tried. I'll have to look for them at DSW or Zappos. They're really cute!

  2. I run in Adrenalines, but I'd love to see how the Transcends compare to them. They sure are pretty!

  3. Waaaaaant. Unfortunately I have a brand new pair of Ravennas and can't really justify $160 for "want." Phooey.

  4. Those shoes are pretty awesome! I LOVE everything Brooks tho ;) I need a new pair soon...

  5. Thanks for the review! All the bloggers are talking about these shoes - I think I need to really get a pair of Brooks shoes! :)

  6. I just got these shoes! I too made the mistake of logging a ton of miles with old shoes and I too am suffering with PF. I also love the GTS 14s which are great, but don't give me the cushioning for my PF. I can't wait to try these out on my next run! Your review helped me feel confident with this (pricey) purchase.

  7. Did you have to buy them a half a size up? I have read that somewhere but wan't sure if I should or no. I keep looking for them locally but unfortunately I am going to have to order them and I don't want to have to return them and wait longer.

    1. I did not size up, but I do think Brooks in general are smaller than other brands.

    2. I just bought a pair of these shoes and did have to buy 1/2 size up. Normally I wear a 9 wide but these do not come in wide sizes so the 9's felt a bit small. The 9 1/2's felt better and not too big in the front. I tried on at store but ended up buying online so I'm waiting for them to arrive so I can run with them. Fingers crossed that the fit will be right! They felt great in the store and short trial run, super cushioning and comfortable.

  8. My normal shoes are the Asics GT2000 also and I'm thinking about trying the Transcends. The Asics seem a little clunky to me, and I got a black toenail, possibly from them. Thanks for the review!

  9. I look forward to reading the long term review of these. I went with Hokas when I bought a new pair of shoes last month and became an instant fan of more cushioning on my long runs.

  10. Shoes are cheaper than knees or hips (as in replacement). I'm willing to pay a little extra for a good fit, especially now that I"m in my 50s and I've been running for more than 30 years. Thanks for the good review. Think I'll go out and buy a pair.

  11. They are very comfortable, but I am not sure I can get used to the weight... They are heavy for me.

  12. They are very comfortable, but I am not sure I can get used to the weight... They are heavy for me.


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